Everyobe keeps saying that Eclipse is shite. Okay, it has been in development for a while, and yes, the graphics for it are a bit dated, but what's so bad about it?
The only reason that I use it, is because I am used to all the shortcuts and its structure. But which IDEs would be better for Java than Eclipse? Please comment recommendations and reasons why your IDE is better.

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    IntelliJ IDEA
    Hands down, best IDE overall.
    Amazing Intellisense (because they created it), great shortcuts (looks good) and really isn't heavy on performance.
    You can install plug-ins that make even more languages available. If you ever feel like trying out something new, just install the language plug in!
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    @ribchinski I'll stay with eclipse too, it's good enough and well known by myself
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    @PrivateGER Is IntelliJ IDEA is as good as everyone says it is? I am just worried that it would take me a while to migrate from Eclipse to it. Does it have a steep learning curve?
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    @2erXre5 I **might** try out Intellij, but I will most likely keep using Eclipse, because I have been using it for a very long time. Of course, I used a text editor before it, but my uncle, who is a senior java programmer, told me about eclipse. Ever since then I kept using it, because I am just so used to it.

    I don't really care about "modern" visuals. As long as it works it works...
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    @PrivateGER I'm rooting for IntelliJ on this one too. Use it for PHP and it's the best I've ever used (used eclipse when I tried java as well but prefer Intellij when I started android deving)
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    @ribchinski I wouldn't call it a steep learning curve. Sure, you will have to learn the new shortcuts (or change them so that they are the same as in eclipse), but soon your productivity will go up to the skies.

    It's Intellisense/completion is great in all languages it supports, and even more in Java. And the fact that you can write:


    Press enter, and it creates a local variable for it, is amazing (there are other 'postfix completions', like .cast, .for, .field, .notnull, etc.).

    And just in case you can't find something, you can Ctrl+Shift+A and type what you are looking for, and it will probably show up (any setting, action, etc.).
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    I used eclipse for more than 8 years, and now started using intellij.. haven't turned back!
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    @yendenikhil Alright, I will try it out for a week or so. We'll see if I like it. @RAZERZ
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    @ribchinski there will be resistance, as you are used to eclipse shortcuts, and intellij are complete different. But keep reading tip of the day (in hello menu Mark it to open at startup) and see the performance compared to eclipse!
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    @ribchinski you better, it's like going from communism to socialism, bad at first but after a while it's the best
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    @ribchinski It's seriously amazing.
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