I just spent more than an hour helping my dad getting into his web mail again.
The provider he used as until now has merged with Vodafone, they also merged the webmail client. And ffs they made a mess of it. You had to request a new activation code and enter that into a one of three different forms all on one page with seriously confusing information as to which one you needed to use to reregister. After finally finding the right one and you can log in, they keep trying to get direct you to the Vodafone mail, not the original provider's webmail, which they kept separate. An all-in-all awful user experience. They had a downtime of about 10 days during the migration, and I still find bugs like endless loops while trying to load some sub-pages.
I can't help but wonder what all went wrong on the dev and devops side here. The downtime was awfully long, even for such a complicated merger. Was the dev team understaffed, or under qualified, or both? I also got my doubts about whether any UX staff was involved at all. The only thing I know is that as soon as I'm home for Easter, I will switch my dad over to a different mail client. Thanks Vodafone for one hour that I'll never get back.

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