Hacked the admin password of our high school network back in the day. Spent all our subsequent IT classes dicking around and then rebooting all PCs in the room with a maintenance message, and said "aww man, we hadn't saved our work!"

We also kept rebooting our friend's computer and at one point he put it down to the admin not liking him, so the next time we did it with the message "I don't like you very much. Love, the admin".

Childish as hell but hey, we were kids and it was hilarious at the time.

We still use the password for stuff to this day! k33pm3saf3 - and no, it isn't my devRant password.

We also had full access to the school's security cameras as the password was still "password".

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    I feel like highschools might be the actual breeding ground for hackers.
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    Our college admin password was ######. Once we knew it it was carnage.

    People getting blocked from logging on for all sorts of problems, normally Humping Sheep or such like.

    We used it to enable the messenger service network wide and then send a netsend to all college pcs. Turns out a class was on in the main hall with 1000 students in and the lil message popped up on screen. Lol.

    Typed into cmd on my mates pc next to me. Enter pressed by me.

    It was like the scene from takedown when they come busting into that lesson. 😂😂😂

    We blamed each other for 2 hours and the principal eventually dropped it.

    Was talk of the staff room for days. 😂😂
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