I realized hacking was about being smart when at 14 i hacked into someones computer by guessing his password on the 2nd try.

The dude loved computers more than me and watched matrix all the time.

So i typed “neo”

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    Quality hacking line, bro! Hope you asked next if he wanted to know how deep tge rabbit hole goes!
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    A three-character lowercase password. That's not hacking, that's what Gilfoyle would call, "natural selection."
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    @bahua "natural selection" cracks me up 😅
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    It was in 2001 ;) @bahua
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    You‘re a bit cheeky:) but unfortunately no,i was only into girls back then! @irene
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    Hacking: outsmarting the person on the other side
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    Introduction to Social engineering
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    I just used a keylogger and laughed on their face about their shitty passwords.
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    I found a way to get around the password on a TI-84+ once. I'm such a great hacker. Except that I sadly had to have physical access to the calculator and then I could have just used a PC to get the files.
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