I used to weigh 60kg (idk how many pounds) when I started Uni and 60kg when I graduated.

Went to 70kg within 9 months of starting a dev job but my desk is pretty cool :p

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    I got from 75 kg to 105 kg within two years. (male, 24)

    Any ideas on how to stop and revert this?
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    Get a Fitbit.. then you have the data to prove how little exercise you get :)

    No really, gotta start exercising consistently and don't skip it for anything.. and block out your lunch hour so people don't book meetings..
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    Well I tend to drink when im working ... So I gulped down alot of sode and fizzy drinks. The first thing I did was stop that.

    The second thing I very recently started was jogging for about half an hour. I don't have the stamina I used to, I played a lot of football in University and College and I was pretty good too.

    The third and final thing I'm doing is cut my food intake in half. I hope all these things keep up or else I'll become a football myself.
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    I've tried to cut out soft drinks, heavily cut down on coffee and just have water. if I eat a lot, need to actually burn off the energy by going for a walk to the shops at lunchtime or going to gym after work.

    When pokemon go came out that was great because I was out walking every day before/after work and at lunchtime :)

    I think k the key thing with gym is having a consistent routine that you stick to no matter what...
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    My metabolism is very fast, got from 65kg to 60kg in 3 weeks of no soda(just sometimes) and no sweets.I am lucky but also i want to get to 70kg and build the muscles.
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    Started my studies with ~80 kg 5 years ago. Currently 125 kg. 😥😥
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