I've been sort of lost after New Year's...

Last few years, my main goal was just to learn stuff to pass technical interviews. I also did a lot of personal dev in C#... and played with the js, python, and when a bit of c++.

But this year I kinda feel sorta of "ah screw it". Interviews never work out, haven't for years, what's the point in even trying... I get paid enough though the work is sort boring and team sort of feels like the Wild West, no rules, code reviews, processes...

But ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Feels like coding has lost its place at the top now. The future is all cloud, machine learning, big data/real time analytics but feels like these are out of reach for just 1 guy...

And well doesn't seem like anyone is going to give me a job because I'm not a good fit or have enough experience in these areas...

Sorta lost now but guess this is what a sudden thought leads to...

Oh and maybe just with tech in general. It feels this year I'm just not as interested as I was before... Spent a lot of time binge watching movies and stuff instead....

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    Happens sometimes to me to when I think too much about the stuff I don't know. Just keep doing your thing, things will work in your favor eventually.
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    Shit Happens Bro....Don't Give Up.
    And been working in Cloud Area for 3+. It aint that difficult to be frank.
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    @swappy not difficult but how do you learn or use it by yourself? The ye cases and costs are too much for just 1 person.
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    @billgates for starts, GCP is offering $200 free just for signing up. thats a good place to start with. also it would majorly depend on what area you actually good at & stuff. :)
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