So here's how the story goes.

I was in my academic writing class the other day and we were learning about APA formatting for our argumentative essays. We have a blackboard, whiteboard, projector connected to a pc and even a lovely projector screen to present with in the classroom.

I sit at the front right of the room. Closest to the window(it's behind me as all the desks face inwards)

Professor walks up to front of class and says we are going to learn how to format our typed essays properly.

Awesome, I thought. Pulled out my XPS laptop and fired it up. As I was making a new Word document, I hear scratching. I look up and the professor is writing with CHALK on the BLACKBOARD. I was astonished. Making matters worse, she started from the far left of the board from which the glare from the window was the greatest. I could not see anything. And from that point on I knew this class was going to be abysmal.

What was so depressing was my professor never once touched the projector. Scraping and erasing. Over and over. Couldn't see if it was a period or a comma after the first initial.

My eyes were never so dry from squinting, rolling my eyes and face-palming over and over. After an hour and 15 minute class, I was not far away from drowning my XPS in my tears.

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    What i got from this story is that your laptop is nicer than mine. Bravo.
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    First world problems
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    @octothorpe aww that wasn't my intent. All part of context. But I appreciate you reading my rant anyways.
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    While this is.a problem for many of my classes too. We usually just take photos of the board once the professor is done writing. Are you guys allowed to do this?
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    @uziiuzair Good point, and I usually do that, but in that class it's highly frowned upon to have your phone out for anything. Annoying, I know.
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    @Snip oh that sucks. Since its encouraged between our professors as its a legitimate way to take notes.
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