Linus is savage guys!
Apparently, he doesn't approve of GNU style coding
Source: kernel.org

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    Linus is great. The industry needs more legendary coders who don't stand for bullshit.
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    He's not wrong though.

    foo (x, y)
    int x, y;

    In what world is this easy to write and understand?
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    Now imagine 4-5 or even 4-10 guys sit don't and discuss the old ways of doing things in a language in their 40's. Then writing up a standard for that time, for that version of the language.

    Speed up 20-30 years to our time, and our way of doing things, which is mostly the K&R way still, the better way for the language.

    Now pull up the old way of doing things. Looking at it from our time and the ways we do things now.

    Frankly it doesn't make sense in our world with almost unlimited horizontal screen size and wide vertical screen size, we tend to put everything in one liners more or less.

    They haven't reviewed the key aspects of it for a long time and for a larger project today, that is moving with the speed of light, it gets harder to follow and maintain.

    If they ever review it, it is in their 60's or 70's, I don't know of any younger people participating.

    (GNU standard is like George R. R. Martins writing process, slow and will always come in the next year. Just consider HURD.)
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    There are many things in GNU std. that doesn't make sense.

    Also i love how GANI insists on calling Linux one of its own while Linux kernel community (majority of it) insists on keeping Linux saperate
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    He is a savage!
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    Said by guy who still does pull reviews by email
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