Guys does any of you know good first c++ project. I have a lot of experience with java and python so I am not new to programming, but I want to get proficient in C++ because I am soon starting a job which all lower level programming.

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    Minesweeper. Or any simple game. I find it helps get familiar with concepts. Or like a console version of blackjack
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    write a driver for the linux kernel. something really simple, like an io counter.
    Helps with lower level stuff.
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    Learn how to use the STL and think the C++ way - and please don't use C code in your C++. Not that C is bad or anything, but they are two very different languages.

    A great way to practice would be rewriting some small projects you've already worked on with Java/Python
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    I would recommend Tic Tac Toe... With some means of risk calculation for free fields. It's my first project in more or less every programming language.
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    I personaly am used to object oriented code and the transition will not be that hard, but I need practice in pointers :D
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    @architect there's no better pointer practice than writing your own data structures. Choose a complex(ish) data structure (AVL trees, splay trees, etc) if you want a challenge. However, this can get pretty dry and boring.

    A simple 2D game is a good first project, using SDL or SFML. You can try implementing quadtrees to speed up collision checking just to make things more interesting, for example.

    Also do check out the smart pointer classes.
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