To the electronic/hardware devs here: do you know a (good - optional) diff tool for schematics/PCBs that is independent of a certain ECAD tool?

So far I know of cadlab.io, but I'd really like to have another possibility than an online service.

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    @Condor While EasyEDA might not be what I'm looking for, their file export to JSON might, to some degree. I wished some more closed source EDAs had the same policy as KiCAD in supporting human-readable output files. :/
    But thank you.
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    Also, Altium seems to have introduced diff'ing by now. Which is interesting but not an option, because its license price is out of my league already in the student's version. 😦
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    @Condor Never mind.
    Please do - there are some points where you might still notice it's not a commercially developed high-end EDA but it has become quite good by now.
    I'm pretty sure someone already requested that - and I actually found some diff tools in the process, one using image magick which looks promising.
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