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    Oh the irony 😂
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    Seriously though, there must be a versioning system for designers right?
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    @zshh oh oh I know one. undo and redo xD
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    Am I the only one that uses --amend in these cases?
    Just an anticipation move 😁
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    @zshh Git Large File System
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    @zshh layervault, if i'm not mistaken.
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    @JohnnyMuen Nice, didn't know git supported PSD preview. Well then git works perfectly
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    Took me a few reads to notice it lol
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    @NullBrain I sometimes go a few commits back to fix stuff like spaces or even bigger stuff that *should have been there* from the start and basically rebase the whole thing.

    But only in private branches / repositories.

    I know some devs that actually do commit small things multiple times to fix oversights but I'm not a fan of doing so if it can be avoided.
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    @Meta Yes, I agree thta should be avoided. I mainly use to correct simple mistakes on a last commit such as typos, or simple stuff that don't really need a whole new commit.
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    @zshh we use Perforce at work
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