*while still in bed, watches couple of videos of Google presenting flutter and building apps in less than 30 minutes*

*this is freaking interesting*

*gets out of bed, opens Firefox and types: " learn React native", installs VSC, npm ....*

I don't understand how my brains works 😒

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    In Flutter's demo, they also use vscode. It clearly said it's inspired by react navtie. You did the right thing 👍
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    I hope I did, I'm playing with react native now and I'm loving it.
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    Flutter with firebase.. These fuckers are bringing slavery era... No freedom !! Why the hell we can only use firebase with flutter!!
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    @lefty well, you don't expect Google to use solutions other than its own.
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    lol! same here
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    @lefty you don't *have* to use Firebase.
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    I was pretty sure I was going to build an app with react native but gave flutter a look just for due diligence.

    Ended up loving flutter and think it is the better hybrid choice going forward. Will use it for this hybrid app and see if I'm right.
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