Friend: "How can I check my ip?"
Me: *opens terminal*
Friend: "is this a virus? Please stop"

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    For the best results, open PowerShell, navigate to system32 and drop an "ls" in there and watch them panic as they try to figure out what you're doing.
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    I have this nagging feeling telling me idiots are the true virus
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    Please don’t let him do anything with his IP... if he doesn’t understand what terminal/CMD is/does he doesn’t need to know what his IP is lol.
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    ** you mean "opens command"? If the person already has a box capable of running terminal, what are the odds of them being this lame?
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    The vast majority of the users of MacOS have no idea.
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    @bahua ok. I take it back. Forgot there were a bunch of morons using MacOS
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    @RantSomeWhere IIRC, PowerShell sets some *NIX-friendly aliases on launch (dir -> ls, cls -> clear, etc)
    Either that, or I had some module loaded
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    @evanjs nope, no external module. ls runs perfectly fine on my fresh copy of Windows.
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    MacOS and Powershell users may never know the joy of:

    sudo apt-get update && Init 0
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    @RantSomeWhere actually... the power shell equivalent of dir is Get-ChildItem. If memory serves me correctly, dir and ls are both aliases for this command
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    @Prutser if your memory is indeed serving you correct, that is surely a weird name for a command which lists files
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    @SupressWarnings just checked it. My memory served me correctly (sorry for the glare on my screen)
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