Is this question still really that important?

Even when I update my Pis that have 32GB SD cards, I can spare the 12kb update.

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    sudo apt-get upgrade -y

    It wont ask anymore...
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    I have a feeling I will have to enter that switch every single time.

    Someone smart should make this thing not ask as a default (perhaps only if the update is bigger than 20+ MB).

    This just seems like a relic left over from the 80s. @C0D4
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    @intromatt that is.... updating the wrong package (fucking docker) at the wrong time (fuck you docker), on a remote machine via ssh (sersly, how the fuck do you call that shit "stable"? just die already!), and that question is a life saver.
    sudo apt-mark hold docker--ce
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    This week I'll learn how to make a script that does all this stuff automatically for me on my 5 Pis.... including my Pihole setup.

    May God have mercy on my soul. @magicMirror
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    @intromatt you could always alias it 😂
    But yes this is just for the old Linux folk that want to control every single package that gets installed I guess.
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    @intromatt I have became bitter and cynical with experience...
    gl with the updates!
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    Just use unattended upgrades. Don't reinvent the wheel
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    How? @Pavr
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    @intromatt https://wiki.debian.org/UnattendedU...
    It's build into apt. It saves me alot of time personally. You can blacklist packages you don't want upgraded unattended and you can select what origins (repositories) it is allowed to upgrade from. You can even enable automatic reboots so it loads new kernels.
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