When you release your first plugin for vscode and you just see it grows and grows yeserday was 350 downloads and now it's almost 700!

Now that's a great feeling and it seems I was helping people! \0/

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    congrats on your achievement :D
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    Oh hey, it's on 'Trending' too, that's really nice
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    Nice to see VS Code getting love. Great achievement too.

    Honestly thought there’d be more jerking of atom since it isn’t Microsoft and is Open Source.
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    @nikmanG VS code is open source so that second point is redundant.
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    @nikmanG VSCode is open-source! You can build Code yourself, the only thing different in the official MS builds is the "Visual Studio" branding.

    The OSS flavor is by default called "Microsoft Code", but can be renamed whatever you like in the build script. You can even point the Marketplace API endpoints to your own "store" if you want.
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    Well surpassed 700 now so guess next goal is 1k 🤔
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    I am slowly migrating from sublime to vscode.
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    And it now had over 1k!
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