- Was working in a JS file for a website.
- Decided to move file into a folder for better organisation.
- Made folder, copied file into it.
- Spent 30 minutes wondering why changes weren't working, questioning my JS skills and life in general.
- Called friend asking for assistance, he's as confused as I am.
- Realised while speaking to him that I never deleted the file that was copied, and had been making changes to that the entire time.

Needless to say I was a little bit embarrassed.

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    Been there. It can happen a lot when you have a lot of files open at the same time
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    Happened so much to me that now every time i suspect that changes are not applied i write some unrunnable gibbrish on the file: if no error is given i'm on the wrong file!
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    The only worse thing than that is when you make changes on your local environment but keep refreshing the dev/stage link and wondering why your changes aren't applying. 😁
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