Useless Google Shortener API.
It allows 1M requests per day.
But has a max rate limit of 1 request/second. There are 86400 seconds in a day. Why are you giving a 1M requests limit then?

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    Marketing. You give a lot then limit it. That's what isps do all the time. When for example they sell hundreds of gigabit network connections on their ten gbit link because not many will use it fully. But hey it looks nice on paper.
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    It's probably 1 request per second per IP. If not, then it's just BS.
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    @olback if you're running the API off a web server (which is the case most of the times) I don't see why anybody would call the API with the same client ID from different IPs at the same time.

    So if they DO put this restrictions per IP, it's pretty much useless.
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    @olback it isn't. I would have used it in different servers then. It is per user account.
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    @Floydian correct. So I should create n users to create a few shortened URLs within a decent amount of time? What kind of idiocy is this.
    This is an api. It is not a human being creating shortened URLs. 1 request per second is just lame.
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