Just had to use Google maps for the first time in ages because nothing else was working.

It displayed a bus stop at a wrong location. I just fucking missed my bus.

Thanks for nothing, Google, go fuck yourself.

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    😂 It’s a middle finger type of day towards google... I’m having problems implementing their damn API into something I’m working on.
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    Wait for what did osm not work?
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    @DjWawa For some reason the site didn't render properly. It's working again now though.
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    @linuxxx thats probably the only thing Google knows how to do, keeping their site available at all times.
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    Atleast you know where not to look for a bus stop next time
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    When I read this thread, I was completely sure, this must be you @linuxxx
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    Google maps still hasn't updated the street I live on, I've lived on this street for nearly a year.

    Atm my house along with at least 50 other houses don't exist. I'm invisible :D
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    @linuxxx where are you from? I have very good experienceses with the navigation and public transport advise from google in both the Netherlands and 'Murrica
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    Hmm odd. Never had that. I use the public transit planing feature of Google maps quite often and it has never failed me.

    It's odd how you get such bad service from Google whenever you use it and for me it all works perfect. I guess both of our biases are somewhat at play here 😄
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    99/100 times I have used it, it showed me the correct locations within 10 meters of range, also the travel distance to the location was almost always +/-5mins, so that's the best accuracy here I guess
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    Try using it for driving directions on the highway with the volume off. Let's just say if you can manage not to miss exit after exit your definitely the end user that they designed it for.
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    @f03n1x must be a nice feeling, being invisible to Google.
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    @DjWawa eh makes deliveries a pain, also had issues changing my address for things when I moved in. Though p.o box solves that.
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    To be honest I never had an issue with Google maps. 🤔
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