Static Vision.

Exactly what you think it is. But maybe lighter than that.

Basically if I unfocus my eyes every so slightly, I can see what looks like really fast drizzling rain, except it looks like light, faintly though. Like I kind of have to look for it, but it's there. Sometimes really obvious, sometimes not.

It's as though being in front of a monitor too much fucked up my eyes, or something.

More pronounced if I've been awake coding for maybe more than a day...

Just me? or anyone else?

Kind of caused me problems a few times, thinking it was something else....

I really want to know if anyone else has experienced this.

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    Are you feeling tired? I've heard you get vision problems when you stay up for too long...
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    @coolq I have this really bad habit of coding straight through the night all the way into the next day, and sometimes night. I just hate how some days it literally takes hours to get into your coding, and then the day is almost over, so you can't take on big features or whatever. so I just stay up all night. Yeah.. maybe that isn't good.
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    I'm sure most DevRanters here know the feeling 😪
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    @coolq damn my ad/hd then..
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    That's the blood cells in your eyes. No worries, go look at a clear sky and see them unfold.
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