It's hard to use Google Voice when you're a bilingual.

Me *driving in car*: Ok Google, open Spotify..

Google *beep*: Không chắc chắn làm thế nào để Open Spotify (Not sure how to to "Open Spotify" - in Vietnamese)

Me: Ok Google, mở Spotify (same command in Vietnamese)

Google *beep*: Not sure how to "mở Spotify"...

Me *frustrated*: Ok Google, f*ck you!

Google *beep*: Không chắc chắn làm thể nào để "fuck you" (Not sure how to "fuck you" - in Vietnamese)

f*cking Google Voice :|

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    Not quite the same, but I created my Airbnb account while I was in Japan, and now every once in a while it reverts my country back to Japan, and tries to show me everything in JPY instead of CAD
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    Xin cao! You live in hcmc bro?
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    @Santaclauze no bro, I'm from hcmc but live in Canada :D
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    Sweet. Toi da hoc tieng viet vi xong o hcmc de bat dau may tinh cong ty nhung bay gio xong o new zealand. My friend still lives there. I love the place and wanr to move back. My only issue was pollution -_-@omnisyle
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    @Santaclauze lol, I agree the pollution is bad there, but I heard programming workshops in VN do not need to pay taxes.
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    It's a fucking mess when you set your phone in English, but you live in France and your family members are Dutch. There's no way Google understands me when I tell him to send someone a message.
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    Why hello there fellow Vietnamese!
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