Today I'm going to work on my side project that I haven't touched in weeks.

I want to utilize Angular 2 which means I'll need to learn TypeScript. I also want to use the new .Net Core and EF Core 1.0. Oh and I want to handle authentication using JWT!

Wow, that's gonna be a lot of effort to get things off the ground... maybe instead I'll use this time to learn some new concepts. Maybe watch this episode of Fun Fun Function, or maybe this video on writing Assembly code for an app on Raspberry Pi, that sounds cool!

Actually, you know I should really teach myself dependency injection and unit testing for once. I'm so behind the times.

Well, really I should finish this book on design patterns first. Ok, where did I leave off? Page 20 I think... ehh... maybe I'll just work on my side project.

Tomorrow... tomorrow, I'll work on my side project.

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    I know exactly what you're feeling, feelsbadman :(
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    a2 can be done with plain js, but there's fewer resources for it... .net core is amazing and has dependency injection built in (at least for the webapi projects, can't speak for other project types).

    keep chugging away, never stop learning!
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    I do angular2 with Typescript at work and we just JWT for authentication. I recommend all of them wholeheartedly.
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    Story of my life!
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    I relate to much with this. Want to learn so much stuff but in the end I find myself watching futurama. Well at least I tried.
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    @claudiofilipe21 haven't watched Futurama in too long. Great that's one more thing that's gonna get in the way! 😂
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    Funny & oh so familiar situation :)

    In my humble opinion, picking up DI, n-tier, unit testing, and SOLID principles more generally offer great returns.
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    I want to learn opengl, unity3d, unreal engine, asp net core, meteor, laravel, xamarin, electron, qt, tensorflow, opencl. There's nothing to learn really.
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    @zzyzy Xamarin is amazing... when it works. you sometimes get errors that return no results when googling and can be a nightmare, lol.
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