Client: Sorry to bother you, but our developer team can not connect to your Web Service, can you help us?

Me: Of course, if you want, i can give you the code for that, i only need to know in what language are they developing.

Client: Sometimes they develop in spanish and sometimes on english...

Maybe i didn't ask the right question.

Sorry for my English.

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    Spanish is my favorite programming language, it's so dynamic. Welcome to devRant btw! 😃
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    I just busted up laughing at this because I've told people that I speak Portuguese in my head when I code 😂😂😂
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    So do you have a Spanish SDK?
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    Like this?

    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <html leng="esp">

    <la cabeza>
    </ la cabeza>

    <el cuerpo>
    </ el cuerpo>

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    Of course you asked wrong question. You should have figured out that those people are dumb. 🤑
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    I don't wanna kill the vibe of your rant or comments, but I don't quite think those people are dumb. Yes, it may sound dumb to insiders, in a broader sense though, it's pretty normal actually. Imagine a politician asks a sports person from another country what their current regime is. The sports person would probably talk about their sleep, nutrition, and gym activites while the politician one staring at them with no clue. May not sound like a good analogy, but you get the point. Actually, many of us programmers often look weird or dumb (like socially dead) to outsiders which doesn't automatically make us weird or dumb. That being said, context matters -- so that person should know what you were talking about.
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