*client calls in*

Me: good morning, how can I help you?
Client: my ip is blocked, could you unblock it for me?
Me: certainly! What's your ip address? Then I'll have a look.
Client: I'm not giving you my ip?! That's too privacy sensitive.
Me: 😶
Me: 😶
Me: 😶
Me: sir, I'm very keen on my privacy myself but without that information I can't do much for you 😬
Client: ah so you're refusing to help me?
Me: not like that, it's just very hard to lift an ip block for me when I don't know the ip address.
Client: you just don't want to help, fine.



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    LMAO =)) you finally met someone who cares privacy more than you do :P
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    Meanwhile client probably doesn't realize that his super private public IP gets stored in the webserver logs of every site he visits 😝 and if he really cares about his privacy so much, he could.. you know.. use a VPN?
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    New theory: The client has no idea how to get his IP address, so he thought of an argument that would allow him to hide his lack of knowledge.
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    @rutee07 So if I shred my credit card I won’t have an IP address anymore? I will be anonymous online?
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    @korrat no you have to take photo of your credit card (both sides) and send the photos to cursemeslowly@tutanota.com

    It is an open source AI blockchain graphql API web service that auto delete all possible traces you have used it on internet.
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    @Frederick sorry it is still in beta :3 might be a bug. Sorry pal. The minute you sent the mail, you have auto agreed to the T&C I have wrote on my sticky note.
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    @cursee Well its an AI so its understandable.
    Now if over 9000 people send their credit cards it will be much better
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    That’s... That just triggered me so hard 🙃
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    It's like:
    Do you deliver pizza?
    Yes, what address?
    I don't give that out to just anyone. Then they know where I live.
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    It might also be someone from devrant pulling a prank on you 🤔
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    @rutee07 ooh, I see where that's gonna go! 😯
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    Just knew it was your rant bro. haha the I'm very keen on my privacy as well gave you out.
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    My wife.
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    😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

    Best client ever! Is he going to not pay because type his credit card numbers are dangerous too?
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    I bet its the kind of person that clicks on "See all the singles around you" kind of button.
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    And that is why i think tech support should have star system for rating customers as well...
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    Could also be a social engineering tactic to see if you would unblock all know ips or unblock the last X ips

    You might have not noticed it, but good job sticking to your protocol 😉
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    Classic incapable and unfriendly junior @linuxxx😂

    Sorry pal
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    People's lack of knowledge pertaining to IP addresses disappoints me. They aren't in any way private.
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    This made my day
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    That client must be a special kind of stupid not your usual
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    And then he hacked into your system and unblocked it by himself...
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    IP is
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    @rutee07 make sure to record that conversation
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    Thank God, you don't have to waste time explaining privacy shit to that kind of people.
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    @-Tor the cat version is much better
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    "I see over 17'000 IPs blocked, 213 of them have been blocked today. Which one is yours?"

    but yeah, the stupidity on that guy is enormous.
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    @korrat probably.

    also, they most likely had no idea what an IP address is either.
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