I am searching Google for a strange error message I have in my program. Find one stack overflow thread from a couple of years ago with one answer approved by the OP and upvoted a remarkable amount of times.. I am reading the question and it is exactly my problem...to the point. So I am reading the answer and it works and solves my problem and I am happy. Let's see who is the OP of the thread .... Um, what? No?! It's me?!?! And who posted the answer to the question? What??? Also me?!?! Guess I had this problem years ago, figured out a solution and posted the answer.

This brings me to some things:

1 - I am a better person than I imagined i would be because I never thought I would document my findings publicly
2 - I am the biggest idiot for not recognizing my own post
3 - Dafuq, why did I stumble over the very same problem twice??
4 - on the other hand it is totally cool to see stuff I did and think "wow, I managed to do this??"

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    Pm'd yourself the fix
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    Maybe you were actually unable to solve this problem for many years into the future (from now), but when you eventually figured it out 35 years from now you built a time machine and travelled back in time to post the question and answer on SO for yourself to find without having to directly communicate with your former self and potentially causing some kind of paradox/black hole to spontaneously appear out of nowhere.

    Also you tried to go even further back in time to try to kill Hitler, but you failed (obviously). Good job on that :/
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