Typing 100 words a minute while your pair types 30 😂 oops

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    Might be time for you to invest in some detachable hands.
    Ask your pair to start using more than 1 finger.

    In my first company the tech lead used to type with only using one finger from each hand. Don't get me wrong he was a brilliant tech lead, at writing code, architecture, soft skills etc. He was the best tech lead I ever had and still look up to him. But it was funny pairing with him because he wasnt even slow while typing with two fingers. I have never seen someone type so fast with just two fingers. I used to call his typing method as running the horse.
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    @mihirkh I recognize my typing is really fast so I try to slow my roll a little bit, lol

    My dad types with two fingers and he's gotten really good about it 😂 he made me learn to type and never did himself
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