Somehow, every skill I have seems to decrease as the number of people around me increase.

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    I like the "have I always had this many fingers" comment.
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    Whenever someone stands over my back while I'm in (CS) class I just kinda act like I'm thinking really hard about the situation at hand and not typing another letter until they move lol
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    @Fexell I laughed out loud at it ^^
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    Especially when you're showing your supervisor or boss a problem that you found and the only problem they see is your typing skills 😐
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    step 1- get a privacy filter so no one but you can see the screen unless they are like right next to you

    step -2- open notepad and type garbage so fast that people are impressed at your typing skills

    step -3 (expert level) open multiple IDEs and switch between windows and type more garbage...this is when the crowd starts weaning...pretend focused and ignore some of the ?s while typing..
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    You my friend have performance anxiety just like me
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    Cute cartoons
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    I always get dyslexic typing when people are watching me.
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    I had a "pair" programming with 3 people constantly looking at what I am typing and asking questions every couple of seconds...

    And guess what. I failed because I started to make stupid mistakes...
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    Omg it isn't just me!
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