Estimating how many hours is needed to complete the project.

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    Take all the people on the project
    Ask them to make an estimate
    Take the sum of the estimates
    Multiply the result by 3.

    There you go. Project estimate.
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    I'm still almost completely unable to do this 😟😧
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    Expanding upon @illusion466 's answer:

    1.) Figure out sum of all worker's estimated time involved.

    2.) Take that sum and multiply by 3

    3.) Add 20% to account for the client not knowing what the hell they want and having to nicely interrogate them daily to get any sense of direction, only to have them tell you that isn't right, requiring you to continue in trial and error until it's finally right.

    4.) Send the estimate.

    5.) Get some alcohol and rela---OH SHIT I HAVE A DEADLINE TOMORROW!
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