So, my client just purchased a hosting plan and, because she mistyped stuff, it caused some problems to confirm and activate it.

As soon as we solved it, I asked her to please, send me the e-mail with the nameservers, so I could point to her domain.

The first e-mail she forwarded me was the "payment accepted" e-mail, which I told her was the wrong one.

The second e-mail was SSL certificate confirmation, which made me wonder if I wrote it right.

I took my time to find the nameservers and point them to the domain, then asked her if she did receive the control panel and FTP passwords, so I could configure and upload stuff.

Client forwards an e-mail saying that the nameservers were correctly set up.

Then I got tired of asking.

I mean, do they even read my e-mails?

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    This is what happens when you haven't studied at home and teacher asks you question about the topic.
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    Allow me to send you, Mr. Client, 6 easy questions.

    2 weeks later an email with one question answered and angry statements as to why the project isn't completed on time.

    This is why I drink.
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    That moment when you're trying to point nameservers to a domain...

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    It always amazes me how stupid clients can be.
    Some clients have the memory of a fucking canary bird when it comes to reading and understanding emails.
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    @Root it's a sad, sad world ;-;
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    @Aitkotw I don't know if this client is illiterate or not, I just don't know anymore :P
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    @intromatt I wish I could drink :/

    I do play games whenever something like this happens, though :P
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    @JMoodyFWD it's always a good moment...to cry about it! :P
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    I do both.

    Finished Monster Hunter Stories on 3ds last night. As a 45 year old man enjoying a game designed for 7 years olds I can say that I absolutely loved it. @yuiti
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    @PonySlaystation absolutely :P

    Thank God this was only through e-mail and Whatsapp messages :O
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    @intromatt my 3ds broke, I'm playing Puyo Puyo Tetris on PC (and enjoying it) quite a lot :P

    I do want to play MH Stories as soon as I get a new 3ds :P
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    Might be a non-popular opinion here but I still think the 3DS is the best system EVER. I love the 2 screens, I love the 3d and love the massive library.

    Considering how cheap they are now there is ZERO excuse not to own one today. @yuiti

    Last time I switched on my PS4 was Sept.
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    I'm pretty much a Nintendo fanboy here :P, just didn't get a new 3DS yet because here in Brazil is reeeeally expensive (overtaxation, fml).

    Considering a purchase of a 2DS this time, maybe it's better to use with Butterfly: Inchworm Animation II :P
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    I love my 3DS XL. I'll whip it out at lunch if I don't have work to do through it.

    I typically play Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater on it. Just got MH Revolution but haven't had time to play it yet!
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    @Vip3rDev I do feel I need one more and more, specially with the kind of jobs I'm getting into :P

    Oh the stress ;-;
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