People at school believe using a library == Script Kiddie who can't code.

The icing on the cake is that they call themselves great programmers, and because they are 'superior' they don't use libraries and never will...

I smell bullshit

Oh, you have used the python math library... script kiddie.

You use jQuery, you little script kiddie?

(Because I have taken responsibility for my learning of languages and that is obviously not allowed)

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    Well "school" programming. ^_^

    Reality hits soon enough.
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    @CWins Yeah, obviously VB.net 2008 is the only IDE/Language you will ever need to know!
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    ... They use vb.NET?
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    @CWins Yep, 2008, never updated since! You can't even get a licence for that steaming pile of shite any more!
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    So it's more of a "yeah we are using net FRAMEWORK all the time but using libraries isn't what real programmers do"?
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    @CWins Yeah, ofc! <sarcasm>Real programmers ONLY use frameworks!!!!</sarcasm>
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    Maybe that's the reason why every time someone builds two reusable components in JavaScript, it's distributed as a "framework" .
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    Well, I'll state my opinion here. These days you have so many frameworks that anyone hardly even thinks about them. Need security? Sure! Throw in x. Need animation? Throw in y. Need validation? Throw in z! People have stopped thinking about what goes on under the hood and how these actually work. That's not programming, that's throwing random things in and making them work. Now that's acceptable when you have a deadline, and/or you know what you are doing when you are using a library, but as students as long as you are coding to learn I'd say use as few frameworks as possible. And whatever your use, try again be understand how that works. Because frameworks change, frameworks disappear. Nodejs, do you know what asynchronous is? Do you know why you have to use it? What will you do for the save requirements when nodejs disappears?
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    Any "real" programmer would see the benefit of using a library, that has been tested and proven over reinventing the wheel.
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    @kai18 agree.

    I think you should learn the hard way, especially when we talk about schools. Students need to understand what programming is, not just understand how to use a library to make things work.

    At my first journey of programmer world,
    when I learn css. My mentor teach me about using flexbox.. its pain in the ass...
    After that, he tell me about bootstrap, its a relief..
    The bright side is, I understand how things work.

    Oh and for the vb part, schools tend to have a strict curriculum. And this curriculum rarely update. That's the problem.
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    @kano yes, reinventing the wheel is stupid, but not understanding how and why we came at the wheel is equally stupid if not more.
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    @kai18 I agree, you need to understand what the library is doing. Also I didn't call anyone stupid.
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    @kano no you didn't 😅.I did. I hope you don't mind.
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    @kai18 Sounds like you were suggesting I was calling folk stupid. Nvm.
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