What is the best web full-stack in your opinion?

I have been working with PHP all my life, and I am looking to start something new.

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    @AlexDeLarge oh man. Tbh that is what I wanted to try.

    However, after posting my last rant, from the reactions, I thought smth was really bad with the stack 😂 take a look at it.

    Thanks for your feedback! Perhaps I may consider it again!
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    Sequelize + Express + create-react-app + node without a doubt. Express is so easy to put together on the back end and react is a beaut to write. I churn projects out on this stack in no time.

    Then docker and aws ec2 for deployment
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    What the above gents mentioned are nice stacks indeed. For me currently is Ruby on Rails 5 using either React or Vue for the front end. I really dig the helper methods found inside of Rails and being that I rarely ever need to stray far from the Rails conventions I find myself in a very happy place. Django or Flask are great also if you are more into Python. But there is also Laravel and Slim if you have invested large ammounts of time in the land of php. Also, if you are feeling adventurous may I suggedt Spark Java, a really nice and fast microframework which is a breeze to set up and works perfectly fine with your front end of choice.
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