Oh boy, converting the whole codebase from vb.net to c#

Pain point 1: CType all over the place (Convert.To*)
Pain point 2: almost everything is static!
Pain point 3: "I learned about DI just 3 months ago..."
Paint point 4: deployments ever happened by hand!

But I'm happy to be there because the guy who's running the thing is a very nice one and he's absolutely grateful for every bit of learning lesson I give him.

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    I'm guessing automatic translation through IL yields incomprehensible code? :(
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    Jetbrains disassembler can export into a solution pretty good, for ILSpy there's a plugin.
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    @CWins @johnny-cache that was my first thought about that but sadly there are massive online comments and code generating elements like edmx and T4. Doing it with another tool that translates the code instead the IL
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    Automatic translation will do most of the job
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    @zeroroot which tool you mean? does it include vbhtml files to cshtml?
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