How do you even come up with shit like this?

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    The most trollish thing is not the existence of those, but that they look like they have a LongButMeaninfulNameThatSaysWhatItDoes but do something completely opposite (see what is returned after comparison).
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    I doubt newbies will even write that code...
    I've seen juniors write:
    if (x == y){
    return true;
    return false

    But nesting in a function and then screw up the simplest check orig == val then return false??

    I think someone is just after retweets (talking about that dude in the picture and not ZioCain)
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    @gitpush yeah, I'm just after upvotes lol
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    @ZioCain and you got it XD
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    They should implement it using a BooleanComparerFactory that implements IComparerFactory and use singleton pattern to make sure only one BooleanComparerFactory exists. So you can easyly get an instance of factory and use public function that calculates the equality of two variables by usung neural networks and deep learning. It should also use blockchain to make whole process decentralized.
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    @hack pfft. Try harder. Not enterprisey enough.
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    @hack Yeah, as there are so many kinds of booleans, you can never be sure enough 😁 Maybe you can add a culture parameter as well
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    "Object orientation"
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    @hack oh.. what about the external SOAP calls..?
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    a clusterfuck of all sorts
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    I am clearly not on that level.
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    @hack and make it a microsevice running on multiple windows and linux docker containers.
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    Also, where is the 20 lines documentation comments for those methods?

    (Of course the doc would describe what the method SHOULD do. Not what it actually does.)
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    ok but why the fuck does it return false when they're equal
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    @gitpush I do this sometimes, now i try to do directly return x == y.
    They have to do this, to learn you know what i mean.

    sry for my english
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    @HamsterOh if and return is ok for starter but calling a function to determine the result when he already is calling a function this is too much tbh
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    return x == y ? false : true

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    Me, 4am, drunk as fuck, "i neeEeD to fiiiix ThAt!!!!111!"
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    This is probably meant as a joke but are there really developer who are payed by lines of code?
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    Looks like there was a threshold set for LOC's...!
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    Probably the manager made a stupid decision to pay you by the amount of lines of code.
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    I need to implement this using lambdas.

    new BooleanComparator()
    .compare(() -> b1, () -> b2)
    .handle((TrueResult, falseResult) -> doSth());
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    Hey someone found my homework...
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    Someone needs to write a REST API with secure authentication to tell the state of two booleans relative to each other.
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    @Kaji what a genius and a monster
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    @hack You forgot AI.
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    @hack and then after all that still return the opposite XD
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