If "Moop" were a language, what would it stand for?

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    Medium-sized Object Oriented Programming-language.
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    Mostly object oriented programming
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    Dam, cant edit anymore... Sorry.

    "Mostly object oriented programming"
    It's like OOP, but not always. Also, there is garbadge collection most of the time. But you never really know.

    "Moose Oriented Object Programming"
    All classes must contain the word "Moose". Or it cannot compile.

    "Multiple Opinions Of Programming"
    Unlike in Python, there are dozens of libraries for the same task because the creators of the language all hated each other.
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    The first one if logical, the second is hilarious 😂😂
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    I think the better question is "if poop were a programming language, what would it stand for?"
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    Migraine inducing object oriented programming
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    @abhishekb I'm crying 😂😂😂
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