Trying to answer a React mapping problem on stackoverflow.
It's a relatively simple problem.
While I'm typing... all sorts of wrong answers keep popping out.

Oh geez.
People are hungry for reputation

In the end, I removed my solution, and leave the answer in the comment. This is not my fight 🤦‍♂️

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    What was the question about? Can you drop a a link?
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    @Froot not very interesting. A combination of missing mapping keys, and set immutable state
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    Never give up. You should've posted your solution. There are smart people also so they will upvote your answer if it is correct
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    @py2js you probably don't know how toxic stack overflow is.
    The people who answered the same question will down vote you if they could pick up any tiny mistake.
    It simple not worth the time to do testing, since someone already answered the same question.
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    @sunfishcc actually I am a bronze badge holder on Stackoverflow so I know pretty much everything you said and completely agree that it's toxic but once you have got enough reputation like couple of thousands then it won't be that hard. People generally see the person's reputation before downvoting his answer
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