The exact moment when I understood what programming actually was.

I was getting hard times at my 3rd college grade, trying to implement the recursive sudoku solver in python. Teacher spent a lot of time trying to explain me things like referential transparency, recursion and returning the new value instead of modifying the old one and everything related. I just couldn't get it.

I was one of the least productive students, i couldn't even understand merge sort.

I was struggling with for loops and indexes, and then suddenly something clicked in my head, like someone flipped a switch, and i understood everything i was explained, all at once. It was like enlightenment, like pure magic.

I had sudoku solver implemented by the end of the lecture. Linked list, hash map, sets, social graphs, i got all of these implemented later, it wasn't a problem anymore. I later got an A for my diploma.

Thank you @dementiy, you were the reason for my career to blast off.

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    I wish the same happens to me some day :) Sometimes I just struggle with even the most basic algos!
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    @TheItalianGuy good luck! If you don't go to university, sign up for free Coursera and EdX courses, they are quite fundamental, especially when provided by universities. FreeCodeCamp is also nice
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    Those are my favorite moments, when you spend so much time trying to understand a concept, and you think you are never going to understand, then suddenly a switch flips in your head and a wave of knowledge and understanding hits you. It's one of the best feelings ever (:
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    @castor-rg feels like quantum leap. That's stunning indeed
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    This happened to me recently. It's f*cking magical man.
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    @mundus "Flashes of light in deep darkness." Beautiful. Also: story of my prigramming life.
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