Many articles about the best languages to learn, here's one about the worst

Source: https://uk.dice.com/technews/...

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    For the record I'm a fan of a number of those. It's always the crappy languages that prosper
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    oh nooo Erlang is on the list😯

    but never mind, that language is awesome, even if there is no market for it 😍
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    Umm I'd wait a couple months until Flutter destroys react native, then look at dart popularity.

    Elm isn't likely to be widely adopted but it's awesome.
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    [golum like scream]


    Lua is da bomb in IoT with NodeMCU.
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    Can confirm obj c is bad. Please never use it.
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    But what if i need to develop really, i mean _really_ stable system? Should i do it in java? Ha ha ha.

    Hands off Erlang, bitches. I bet big telecoms still have great Erlang offers.

    Different programming language is not just different letters you type, it's different ideas. Pick unsuitable language and you're pretty much fucked.
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    I mean try to create firmware in javascript or web application in C. But aren't they Turing complete, eh?

    Picking unsuitable yet popular language may cost you months of costly developers' time spent on implementing concepts that suitable language has out of the box.
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