So I got assigned to this project last week to help other developers to remove bugs from a android app. First bug I have to deal with: field that should only accept integers is accepting other characters and thus crashes the app.

Alright seems like a simple bug to get into the project and Xamarin. So I set some break points and find the bug: "uncaught FormatException on line 789 Convert.ToInt(string, v) .

OK then, implement some try-catch and add a warning message to the user.

let's try it out... alright, message works, close message and app crashes

-Tsc... dammit

search for the bug in code... "uncaught FormatException on line 899 Convert.ToInt(string, v)"

what the...

wait a minute, ~ Ctrl + F ~ - "Convert.ToInt"

17 matches on file

oh fuck me...

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    Im pretty sure you can limit the input field to only accept int values

    Or not, this is xamarin, you probably cant even open the camera with xamarin
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    @sharktits thought about that, but decided to look at the cs file before the xaml
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