Once I realized the power of ASP.NET in my Advanced Web Dev class... It was like a culmination of all of my favorite things: web design, programming, instant gratification....

My life would be forever changed 👐

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    I've been thinking about getting into it, but I love Laravel, node is my second best friend and I feel clever when I write complex web apps with Java Spring 😂

    What's so good about it, when compared to the latter?
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    @joshgallagher24 I have more experience with ASP.NET than any other framework so I'm biased. I've never used Node, but I will say if you're used to Laravel, you'll probably hate ASP since some things are much more complex to configure and there's no auto-generation of files. In a way, that's better for me though since it's easier for me to grasp what's going on when I have to configure everything myself.

    It was the first web dev framework I learned so that was the real reason for my love for it.
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