That moment when the resident IT guy/teacher at your school comes to you at lunch and you look sad.
Me: Hello.
Teacher: What happened?
Me: Batteries almsot dead :(
Teacher: Well, I've got good news for you. I was talking to the school director about you.
Me: Um ... shit
Teacher: We're looking to get you an intership at the company that does networking shit for us (Netcom, anybody?)
Me: FUCK YEAH ... thanks!
*Day brightened by angelic light*

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    My highschool threatened to suspend me for various things like having explorer.exe in my student folder, bypassing domain policies so I could open folders, messaging friends via `net send`, etc.

    Or cancelling Computer Science 3 and trying to put me in weightlifting(!) instead. Like wth.
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    @Root Da fuck?! Granted I don't know you personally, the who the fuck goes, "What should we do if all these kids who were going to join the computer class? They all seem capable of carrying heavy shit"?!!!
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    A few years in our school it was seriously possible to shutdown someone elses computer via the shutdown command in cmd. Fun times it was 😂
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    @LuPaw a few years ago*
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    @JohnScott More like:
    "Computer nerds? They must all be weak. Let's put them in weightlifting. It'll be good for them!"
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    @Root As a guy who works at his College gymnasium, I'm pretty sure that there are a few steps inbetween. You can't just grab a newbie and expect them to lift 90lbs (40kg).What the fuck is wrong with people like that?! Yeah exercise is a very good thing. But you know what else is exercise? Riding a bike or taking a jog or playing basketball or playing any sport or free weights God dammit!!!
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    @JohnScott Obviously lol

    Yeah it was dumb.
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