If you could give 16 year old you any advise related to computer science, what would it be and why?

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    "Stop being a lazy shit and actually learn something."

    I got about 2 hours into a book on JavaScript and that was it. 😬
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    @jhh2450 Oh man
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    Enjoy your life then come back when you are 18
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    @upDog Yea major regrets.

    I did get a bit further into HTML last year. I got far enough that it took half a semester for me to actually learn something major in a web dev class lol
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    @zokazavevu so you think it's wiser to just wait
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    I didnt even get into computers until i was 19. Barely even cared they existed when i was 16. I chose CS because i thought it would be more fun than mech engineering in college.

    I would have told myself to A) pick up a book after school. B) go to a different college
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    Stop caring about what language you are programming in.
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    Oh yeah also i would tell myself to stay single.
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    Dude, that girl from bio, I know you think she's annoying but she is thirsty for your dick just let her have it. And do more pushups. Who are these people with me? A bunch of computer nerds going back in time talking to their past selves. Yes, I am one of them.
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    I would say enjoy your youth because once you get a job you will never stop working..
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    Most of your learning happens at home outside the class
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    @upDog do other things in sports
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    Hey younger me, here's a tipp for free:
    * Make projects small.
    * Don't create dependency on others.
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    @StacksStacks omg, so true
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    @octothorpe oof, I'm sorry
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