XCode why are your Booleans "yes" / "no" WHY?

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    Hu? I am not a big fan of Xcode neither, but you can’t blame an IDE for the language you use it for 🤨
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    @PuzzlesDev and that’s objective-C he’s talking about. Lol.
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    @iamkrid @PuzzlesDev i guess my hate for objective c spread to my hate for xcode. Thanks for clarifying
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    @beepboop oh wow my hate to xcode is much bigger than hate to objectiveC
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    @Rekonnect haven’t got there yet
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    In fact “YES” and “NO” - and yeah, Obj-C is case-sensitive
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    Because Obj-C has its roots (as does much of OS X and iOS) in its NextStep acenstry.

    (The NS prefix on types is literally for NextStep).

    NS was revolutionary, thoroughly ahead of its time, and thoroughly expensive.

    Fun fact. Tim Berners-Lee developed the World Wide Web on an NS machine.

    Fun times.
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