If you are going to ask for something BE SURE WHAT IT IS YOU WANT!!!

Some dudes girl I know from uni comes up to me.
"I'd like something done on unity and only in unity. I need it in one month, I'll pay you".
"Ok", says I, "What do you need?"
"I'm not really sure, I'm supposed to do a presentation about an ancient-like house and style of life, I need a first person character that will move around opening doors, secret passages and stuff but I don't really know what else. What do you think?"
"It's not a matter of what do I think. Tell me what do you need and I'll build it. For starters, why do you need it in unity and not some animation for example? Is there something for the "player" to do?"
" I don't know, I'm supposed to explain to a class of 8 year olds how the ancients lived and do it in a game like manner, show them their tools and so on. Do you think we should do like, a fighting system with quests and a main storyline and some evil tribe and wild animals, dangers, fire and things like that?"
"Again what exactly is your assignment? And I can't do all this in a month alone, I got my own job, classes and shit"
"Com on! I'll pay you 150€! Its a lot for this assignment! Don't be greedy and try to ask for more by saying you got things to do!"
"Fuck this. Either figure out what do you want and how much you're willing to pay from the start or go present Far cry primal for all I care."

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    Even with minimum wage, 150€ equates to 2-3 workdays for one person. That offer is just an insult.
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    @zvyn well if she wanted something more simple like some basic assets a house, a garden and some doors/mills/fire animations and sounds I could do it in about a week for that kind of money
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    If it's so easy, that stupid fucker can do it herself in a month and keep the 150€ for a brain transplant.
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    @jsframework9000 but that would require for her to get her ass out of Starbucks and sit in front of a PC studying and doing things that she has no interest in :/
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    Pay with your body. I'll give you a new life.

    // Too dark? 😅
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    Yeah, and what stops her to find someone else to do this job cheaper, faster, better?
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    @norman70688 cause she tried and everyone asked 300+
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    I mean, presenting far cry doesn't seem like a bad idea
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    @BillAfe These are the type of people that make fun of nerds for spending their youth in front of a pc, but come to them crying for help when they need it. No bitch, pay handsomely or google it yourself like the rest of us.
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