It's 00:54. I'm supposed to wake up at 8.30AM. Not even tired. In front of my computer, with a frozen Visual Studio Code on the left screen and a frozen Madeon music on the right screen.
My CMS won't get compiled anymore, due to lack of memory. I have 16gb of RAM, gave it 4 of them, and it froze. If I give it less, it just won't compile. Why. I can't figure out wether if it's my code which has some memory leaks or if there's just too much JavaScript in it. What did fuck up? My code? React? Material-UI? The way I want to mix them all together? Maybe I just shouldn't have used React to cover up everything, and maybe I shouldn't have used Ruby on Rails the way I did.


What do I do now.

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    If compilation consumes this much memory it's not a memory leak in your code. Your code isn't being executed, but just compiled, after all. Probably a bug in the compiler, IDE or some other thing you use. Try to pinpoint it to one specific thing and file a bug report.

    (I know this sucks)
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    @Lahsen2016 I tried to comment lots of stuff but even running "webpack --watch" eventually dies miserably after a few minutes
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    @Lahsen2016 tried with 8gb, it goes forever. Currently, my life sucks dicks per dozens.
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    @Drillan767 Man that sucks, but sorry, I can't really help. Don't know javascript or IDEs. Good luck!
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    Latest vs code is causing me trouble on Ubuntu but works perfectly on Mac at work.
    It randomly freeze and only way is to close and open again.
    And that Ran out of file handlers is just lame, tracked it on GitHub and some dev was about to hit Ms dev hard for their answers 😓
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    @gitpush In my situation, I don't believe VSCode is the culprit, mainly because unlike Rubymine, it doesn't lag like there's no tomorrow.

    I thought a lot about all of this and I think I need to add Redux on the top of "everything", meaning I have to redo a loooooooooooot of stuff. If it doesn't work, I have one last trick in my sleeve before thinking of not using React at all, but fuck, it scares me.
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    @Drillan767 if you need any help with Redux I might be able to, I've been working with it for a year now and should be able to help out
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    @gitpush That would be welcomed AF *.*, I never touched even though I see it absolutely everywhere. My first priority is to comment everything out until it starts to work again, then I'll come back to you and this Redux thingy :)
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    @Drillan767 sure thing man, best of luck :D
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    Then the usual reboot update system and drivers and applications and etc reboot again. It's frustrating sometimes but when you get a different error that when you know you're narrowing it down.
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    as the saying goes, it is easy to stay awake until 5am than waking up that time :-D
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    @japzio I'm a fucking night owl. No one to annoy you, the cat sleeps on my shoulder, I have all the time in the world
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