After years around devs of all levels of expertise I have found the following to be true mostly of junior developers.

Junior devs seem to like to pick out a single (or few) idiosyncrasies of a language/framework and then call it shitty overall.

While senior devs have seen the small idiosyncrasies of many languages/frameworks and know that none of them are perfect and those quirks come with the territory.

It may also have something to do with senior devs having less to prove and therefore not wasting their time of such useless language debates....


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    How about senior devs that don't let go of a language/framework/tool when it becomes an unsupported mess of abandonware?
    Still claiming it to be "the best" even though the entire world has left it behind except for under a few rocks here and there 😂...
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    @Torbuntu Totally legit observation right there.

    When I meet a dev who has years of experience and refuses to go outside their comfort zone I immediately put them in a little box in my head...

    “This person in great for X and too afraid to use his/her intelligence to learn something new, noted”

    Nothing wrong with those folks either. Takes all kinds.

    I personally love the challenge of a new language/framework as long as it is supported and I am using it for an actual purpose.
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    @leanrob I like to stay in my own box 😂 but I often assemble box forts out if a few other boxes I find interesting too.

    There is a difficult balance of how many you learn for practical usage and good solid understanding, and how many you learn about for the sake of knowledge.

    It's the whole jack of all trades yet master of nothing. I want to at least be Master of a hand full of things, and then the rest are for amusement ☺
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    @Torbuntu you are correct.

    Like anything in life, balance is key.
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