Office gives me a Windows laptop.

Never have I felt this handicapped in my life.Sigh.

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    Always bring a linux distro on a usbstick with you.
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    Install the Linux Subsystem on Windows 10 | Microsoft Docs
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    @ArchLinux do you know www.hyper.is ? you can set the linux subsystems bash as default inside windows hyper.is and having a beatiful configurable commandline tool.
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    @heyheni That link was definitely worthwhile!
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    @heyheni is it available on windows? I don't see releases on GitHub and it says coming soon for windows on their site.
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    I raise you: Office gives me a Windows laptop without office
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    Office gave me a MacBook. First thing I did was voiding the warranty by installing rEFInd. Second thing I did was using a steel tapered cnc dremel to etch the company logo next to the trackpad. No stickers, because I love watching MacBooks suffer.

    My boss was OK with it.
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    @ArchLinux I don't hate Apple, I just think their products are not appropriate for people over 6 years old.
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    @chaddhag huh? i have it on my win10 machine, i don't know why they pulled it. I'll do some research. 🤨
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