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The Legendary Physicist entered this realm on the 300th death anniversary of Galileo and departed on the 139th birthday of Albert Einstein, the Pi π day.

Rest in Peace Stephen Hawking!

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    Yeah i cried a bit man..
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    @jakobev Me too.

    We are slowly losing our best people.
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    I know the importance of such people, but do I have to give a fuck?
    For real. I hope I'm not offending anyone with my opinion to this topic. But really, why should I cry for a dead physicist? There are more people like him to come. Don't worry and calm down :)
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    @gitpull No, you are not offending.

    I respect your opinion.

    The thing is, he and many others like him have done things selflessly without expecting any personal gain in return.

    Would you or anybody of us do that?

    These are the people who push the human race forward. Unlike people like Trump, Obama or Osama who just spread hate and terror, these are the people who unite us and work towards building a better society.

    Yes, there are absolutely more to come, maybe even better. But until then, we lost a gem.

    Only if we can trade people like Trump and Justin Bieber for Hawking and Micheal Jackson, I wouldn't have cried.
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