Protip : When you see someone in the middle of a Skype meeting, when it's written that they are in a videoconference with the red button to indicate that they aren't available

don't message them to ask them if they want to go on break.


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    Protip, there is DND mode, activate it!
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    @yendenikhil but I thought they would actually use their eyes and brain and not target everyone in meeting to ask for a break.

    Plus the one who’s talking might not think about it, since they’re thinking about their words, etc.

    That’s a solution, but there’s still that
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    @DodgerAkame generally when I see you busy but not in DnD, I'd leave you a message which you can read once you are available again, but if that is irritating as well then please go DnD.
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    @yendenikhil not trying to say you’re wrong, I agree, but when you didn’t think about that and that’s a meeting where you prepare your speech, that’s really not the first thing that comes to my mind usually
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    @DodgerAkame again depends in community you interact with in office, whether they care enough to understand you are busy or interpret like you that if you are busy then some ping. But my point was, instead of staking your chances on unknown (there is always once asshole who proves it wrong!), I prefer to be pragmatic about it.
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    @yendenikhil well, I think they didn’t care, since it’s an open space, we speak clearly because we can’t do another way.

    But yeah, I have another meeting today, you can be sure I’ll think of it. I don’t want to be the one to speak with around 4-5 simultaneous answer to the conversation in my headphones. Especially when your sound is loud because the mic of others can be really shitty too in volume, so you got a loud Skype
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