How to set up a proper development environment? I was thinking of using virtual box and vagrant on a digital ocean server and using an sshfs tool to map the drive so I can edit locally with vscode. Thoughts?

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    Check this out https://spin.atomicobject.com/2017/... although on a side project I’m using docker locally for development with the image automatically built on commits to github master branch via Docker clouds build infrastructure then just pull down the image on my server. Makes updating production builds a breeze
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    Virtual box is the past, try docker
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    You get one free private repo free with docker now as well which is a nice bonus
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    @gruff per email that is 😏
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    On Windows I've got a debian vm connected by a host only adapter and an smb share to my projects set up in Windows to access them. Also got the common ports (eg. 3000) forwarded to that vm on localhost.

    I fire up php servers/browsersync instances on that vm (Windows is too damn slow with them) and then access them over the network.

    Modify the files in Windows and browsersync picks up the change and auto reloads for me :)

    It would help if you told us what you're actually setting a dev environment up for, JS? Php? C++? Concrete stress testing? Particle physics?
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    @DLMousey anything really. I just want to play around either languages and make all sorts of projects so I can learn
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    I’d say use docker it allows you to spin up ready to go images , dbs etc. You can run Linux images on Windows now as well and map your source code in via volumes. You can then build your own custom images and reuse them. It is also a lot lighter than a full blown vm. Check out the docker hub for all the stuff you can get started experimenting with and not have to worry wasting hours setting it up
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