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Any other Americans participating in the walk-out?

The school said it'll count as a cut which sucks. I'm still excited, it's my first peaceful protest and act of civil disobedience!

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    throw Exception('Does not compute');
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    Good luck.
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    Don't you dare say it lol.
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    Lol I always knew you were a rebel不不不不不不不
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    @Michelle well I’m not a student but if I was I would not participate. To me this is the epitome of how people in this country can’t look at issues from two sides. To me it just means that millions of people across the country believe that because there was gun violence then the only solution is to impose lots of restrictions on it.

    Don’t get me wrong, we could probably tighten up background checks on guns, but as someone who has failed background checks before because of my commitment to internet privacy, let me assure you that those checks can and will be abused, 100% guarantee.

    After the 9/11 attacks everyone went crazy about security and was willing to give io their rights privileges and freedoms in order to gain security. And at the end of the day what we ended up with was less rights and privileges, and no additional security, mass surveillance networks, etc.

    I’m not saying this is the same, but it dances around the core issue- gun violence is the problem and it is a cultural and mental issue. I would like to see people focus on trying to solve that first before we start throwing restrictions at the wall and seeing what sticks. If that doesn’t work, I’d be willing to give it a try.

    You don’t see people running busses into crowds the way people do in Paris, and that’s because these acts of violence are a contagious cultural virus. Until we have a way of effectively dealing with that I don’t see much changing.

    So tldr, I think it’s admirable that people want to protest peacefully (a nice change believe me) but I think what it’s representing is a misconception between an undeniable cause and an undeniable solution. There are no undeniable solutions and experience _NEVER_ guarantees you are in the right. Just my .02.

    Don’t give up freedoms, the thing that is supposed to be forward thinking about the USA is the government doesn’t decide what we can and can’t see and can and can’t do. So don’t let them.
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    And now people are talking about letting the government censor the internet to prevent Russian interference again. How did we get here?

    Just wish people could talk and try to understand what the needs are instead of asserting that their solution is right.

    It’s like saying space must be blue because the sky is blue. Missing the forest for the trees.
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    @Condor that may be true, but in my eyes, this cry for gun laws of the sort is like people saying “I can’t make choices for myself, make them for me”

    There are actually places in this country where carrying a gun is essential. If you’ve ever been to Alaska people regularly carry because the chance of getting mauled by a bear is pretty awesome. These restrictions are going to screw them too.

    It might not be a bad idea to restrict gun carrying and buying in cities though? Even then I’m not so sure. Whenever an issue isn’t black and white the next logical question is “where is the line” and since nobody can answer that question, I don’t see why we should take peoples opinions at face value.
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    Damn it haha.
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    @Condor I actually don’t own a gun because while I trust myself awake, I’ve proven to be a very capable sleepwalker, and can do calculus and have technical conversations while asleep. Usually takes people a while to figure out I’m asleep, like when I say something really weird. I don’t want one anywhere near me when I’m asleep. Something tells me opening a safe would be no problem.

    Not everyone can make responsible choices but most of us can. I don’t think we should be making sacrifices that affect hundreds of millions to try to deal with the several thousands who can’t.

    Like I said, I actually am open to this but only after the cultural approach has been analyzed and diligently tested to see if there’s a way to steer this thing without just blanket restrictions. Sure blanket restrictions are easy... and that’s exactly why the USA put the Japanese Americans in camps during world war 2. But I think we can all agree that was the WRONG move, big time.
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    Okay, guys. That was crazy.

    I couldn't find the others so I had to march to the police department alone. It was raining and I didn't have my umbrella so I put my hood on and walked.

    I had to lie to the school so I could be excused, then I left. Security was at the front so I snuck behind the cars, and ran so they don't see me.

    All the adults kept staring at me and this one lady said, "go back to class you delinquent." I ignored them and kept walking.

    I got lost so I had to use the GPS, and took the long way.

    When I finally came, they gave speeches for 17 minutes, and the news people came to film us. That's when we marched back to school together. People were holding up signs yelling, "no more silence. End the violence."
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    @Condor this is where the conversation begins of course. I would argue staying out of dangerous situations is all part of being responsible though.

    But at the core of this issue, with regards to the senseless violence, I don’t realistically see restricting gun access or background checking as actually preventing any of this, I just see it being used as a political weapon and the violence would continue.

    Got to solve the actual problem.
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    Lol. Looks like they're going to punish me for supporting the school in Florida. This is why I don't like the district.

    And when I go back to school tomorrow, people are going to start at me weirdly. :))
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    With pleasure. ;)
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    The principal sent an email :D
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    Awesome, I really hope you all won't be punished. And if they try, just tell them what has been said before (concerning sticks and holes) and simply deny their punishment. What would they make you do? Stay inside after school? They couldn't make you stay this morning, they won't succeed another time. Or make you write lines? Simply don't do that! Make you do community service? Then do it with pleasure and tell them that's no punishment but an honor.

    I dear say it's a weak form of dictatorship if they tell you what you can and cannot do concerning public opinion.
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    The punishment will either be a 2 hour detention or a week suspension.
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