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    Can't see the point here. They actually did the right thing putting it on hold as off topic.
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    @py2js I don't think it's off topic, because it is real problem, which I also searched and found this. This question proved to me, that there is everything ok in my program and something is worng with the API. Firstly I thought, my IP got blocked...he could think the same.
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    @py2js quite right. That question is not development related.

    Read the faq on what questions belong there, this is not one such query.

    Its more of a reedit query.
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    @lamka02sk if it was his own API then it's okay to ask that question, most to most that question can go to serverfault of stackexchange group. Even if the ip is blocked then it's not really a programming question, Thier is no fault in user's API request.
    Edit: been on Stackoverflow for almost an year, learnt that this is not a question related to this site. @Voxera
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    @lamka02sk what programming problem will this solve 1 month from today?

    If the question was only about interpreting the listed error message it might have passed but its about a service outage at yahoo.

    No matter how useful it is its not within the scope of SO.
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    If the answer is "the api is broken" it is generally considered out of scope on SO.
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